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Civil Process Division
132 Portland Street
Boston, MA 02114
Phone: (617) 704-6999
Fax: (617) 704-6998

Hours: Monday-Friday
8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

About the Suffolk County Sheriff Civil Process Division!

The daily work of the Civil Process Division is wide–ranging and fast–paced. Deputies spend the majority of their time in the community serving notices for many different types of clients. Clients range from large and small law firms, businesses and individual citizens.


The Civil Process Division charges a modest fee for each service. We require that all payments be made in advance unless you are a practicing attorney or law firm with an account in good standing with our office. The Suffolk County Sheriff Department will accept in-state fee waivers from the court. We DO NOT accept out of state waivers.

The fees are as follows:

Rush Service:

If a document must be served on the same day as delivery and the document is received after 11:00AM, there will be an additional fee of $40 for the rush service. We will not charge our high-volume customers for rush services.

· Summons and Complaint
· Supplementary Process/Summons to Judgment Debtor
· Notice to Show Cause
· Orders of Notice
· Divorce, Contempt, Modification, Grandparents Rights
· Petitions and Citations
· Notice to Quit/Eviction and Summary Process

In State: $60 for first service; $36 for additional service at the same address.
Out of State: $75 for first service; $35 for additional service at the same address.

Since the cost of service varies on a case-by-case basis, these fees are general estimates of the price of a service. The Suffolk County Sheriff's Office requires full payment in advance, but will invoice or refund any difference in the price of the service.


Jane Doe is serving a Summons and Complaint upon both XYZ Corp and its manager, John Smith. Both are located at 1 Example Street in downtown Boston and the summonses were issued from Suffolk Superior Court. Jane Doe would owe $85 since both services were for the same address.



If you’re an attorney or law firm and wish to establish an account with our office, please send in your paperwork along with our fee for service. This will establish your account and allow our office to bill you for any further services.


All payments must be made in Cash, Money Order, or Business/Law Firm Check made out to “Suffolk County Deputy Sheriffs.” We do not accept personal checks or credit/debit cards.